A man holding roll of drawings shakes hands with a man wearing a construction helmet

Dr. Louis Berger founded this company 60 years ago based on the notion that through our work, we should leave lasting and positive impacts on the social, economic and physical well-being of the communities where we work and live.

This mission has driven Louis Berger to work in nearly every country on the globe, specifically in developing nations and those with differing laws, cultures and business pressures.

Louis Berger understands our clients and partners expect us to perform project work in areas where the risk of corruption is high, while meeting all applicable anti-corruption legislation and delivering high quality professional projects. The company maintains a proactive compliance and ethics program based on a code of business conduct that provides consistent ethical standards.

Louis Berger management sets the “tone at the top” for a positive ethical workplace environment. Employees enjoy a work place where training is offered and where concerns can be raised, guidance requested or allegations can be made in a retaliation-free environment.