As a global company, Louis Berger believes that its strength and success depend on its diverse workforce and the many backgrounds, experiences and resources of its employees

As a global company, the strength of Louis Berger depends on its diverse workforce. Promoting diversity and inclusion at Louis Berger is not just about social responsibility, it is about being an innovative, dynamic and creative company.

One of the most active diversity groups within Louis Berger is the Women at Louis Berger (WLB) Committee established in 2013. With over 150 participants, WLB is a grassroots committee led by employee volunteers. It is built around four aims:

  • Ensure greater transparency
  • Foster professional development
  • Exchange and adopt best practices
  • Inspire others

Louis Berger is committed to the holistic development of the communities in which it operates. Therefore, the transfer of capabilities and skills is an integral part of how the company does business. To that end, local residents and native peoples of the states in which Louis Berger operates make up a substantial portion of the company’s corps of experts and project staff across the globe.