a diverse group of smiling employees

As a global company, the strength of Louis Berger depends on its diverse workforce. Soon after its founding, Louis Berger quickly began expanding its services worldwide and currently operates on every continent but Antarctica. As such, Louis Berger believes that harnessing the many backgrounds, experiences and resources of its employees ultimately promotes quality, local context and global sensitivity in the work that it performs.

Employees are central to Louis Berger’s success as a services firm, and the company is committed to recruiting and fostering the best talent in the industry.

In 2013, the company sponsored the establishment of Women of Louis Berger, an employee-led initiative focused on promoting gender equality in the workplace. The employee-led organization provides an open forum and support system through which all employees can advance their careers and facilitate job satisfaction.

Additionally, as Louis Berger is committed to the holistic development of the communities in which it operates, the transfer of capabilities and skills an integral part of how the company does business. To that end, local residents and native peoples of the states in which Louis Berger operates make up a substantial portion of the company’s corps of experts and project staff in across the globe.

The company also plays a significant role in supporting military infrastructure and defense logistics, operations and maintenance. As a result, at least 10 percent of the company’s employees are retired military.