Our multifaceted team of professionals conducts extensive research in several disciplines and participates in a wide array of events, including presentations, conferences, and forums.

October 2017 | Merging Architecture and Urbanism in a Resiliency Case Study

Susana Arissó, AICP, principal urban designer, presented the Louis Berger Breezy Point Home Elevation Study at DesignDC 2017: Rooted in Resilience, an AIA-hosted regional conference. She shares highights from the presentation, which showcases the study, an award-winning, transferable methodology focusing on architecture and urbanism, setting a standard unprecedented in this type of report. Arissó recounts how the DesignDC audience appreciated that the report can be applied to other coastal areas, particularly in the wake of back-to-back hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

August 2017 | Building sustainable public transportation for tomorrow

Louis Berger participated in the 2017 American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Sustainability & Multimodal Planning Workshop in Minneapolis, August 6-9. Deborah Matherly gave a presentation on the newly released transit guide, “Improving the Resiliency of Transit Systems Threatened by Natural Disasters.” Louis Berger’s Heather Unger also participated in the workshop.

June 2017 | Launching U.S. transit into the 21st century

Nick Ivanoff, president, U.S. transportation, shares insights from the annual American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Rail Conference. Ivanoff focuses on collaboration that would bring world-class expertise to U.S. transit systems.

June 2017 | Large-scale transit at 2017 American Public Transportation Association Rail Conference

Louis Berger participated in the annual American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Rail Conference in Baltimore, Maryland on June 11-14, where the company announced an exclusive partnership with global rail provider Egis. Connie Crawford, senior vice president and rail and transit global practice leader, moderated a panel on financing major rail projects. The panel used large-scale transit projects in Baltimore, Boston, Honolulu and Zurich as case studies, drawing on experiences from industry leaders. Louis Berger's Sofia Berger, Larry Pesesky, Nazih Haddad, Stephanie Wylie and Nick Ivanoff also participated in the conference.

May 2017 | Response and recovery: Takeaways from the 2017 SAME JETC

Bill Haight, PE, senior vice president and Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) life member, shares his takeaways from the 2017 SAME Joint Engineer Training Conference (JETC) on LinkedIn Pulse. Haight led the Joint Engineer Table Top Exercise, a national security scenario focused on humanitarian assistance, interagency cooperation and resiliency for a natural disaster recovery response in Western and American Samoa. Louis Berger's Steve Hill, Charlie Bell, Frank Jordano, James Romasz, Megan Eisenhauer, Dan Patton, Brian Moore, Ken Kost, Tim Canan and Kasi Miner also participated in the conference.

May 2017 | A Planning Handbook on Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience

Carolyn Mitchell, principal, landscape architecture, presented at the 2017 American Planning Association Federal Planning Division Training Workshop in New York City. Her session focused on the new Naval Facilities Engineer Command Climate Change Planning Handbook: Installation and Resilience. Along with a representative from Leidos, an American defense firm, Mitchell detailed the handbook’s four stages, accompanying spreadsheets and resources.

May 2017 | Breezy Point Home Elevation Design Guidelines

Susana Arissó, senior urban designer, presented at the 2017 American Planning Association Federal Planning Division Training Workshop in New York City. Arissó detailed the Breezy Point Home Elevation Study, a comprehensive guide to making home-raising decisions that consider the urban context of elevated homes as well as neighborhood architectural standards in flood-prone communities. The award-winning study merges urbanism and architecture to create the ultimate homeowner’s guide to elevated homes.

May 2017 | Franklin Park Vision Plan

Tim Canan, associate vice president of land use planning, was a presenter at the 2017 American Planning Association Federal Planning Division Training Workshop in New York City. Along with representatives from the National Park Service, the D.C. Office of Planning and the Downtown D.C. Business Improvement District, Canan gave a session on the vision and plan developed to transform Franklin Park in Washington, D.C., into an active, sustainable urban park connected to its community.

April 2017 | Alternative solutions for hazardous waste sites

Sharon Bailey, principal environmental engineer, was a presenter for the 10th Symposium on Design and Construction Issues at Hazardous Waste Sites (DCHWS 2017), hosted by the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME). In a presentation titled, "Alternative Approaches for Implementation of USEPA’s Selected Remedy and Transport of Dredged Material on the Lower Passaic River", Bailey shared solutions for the Lower Passaic River, including an engineered cap bank-to-bank, dredging of contaminated fine sediments, institutional controls, and long-term monitoring and maintenance.

April 2017 | Exploring New Procurement Methods in Construction

Robert Thiel, vice president of design-build, presented at the New Jersey Transportation Conference and Expo – TransAction 2017. In his session, “Exploring New Procurement Methods in Construction,” Thiel brought together transportation experts and agency officials to discuss additional procurement models for New Jersey's transportation agencies.