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Industry publications regularly call on our subject matter experts to contribute articles on a range of topics relevant to their readers.

Research and Publications

October 2016 | PM Network
By Fred Wenger III, associate vice president, program & construction management

Published in the October 2016 edition of PM Network, Fred Wenger III’s article “Rescue Mission” explains how to overcome challenges in project management. Wenger shares his past experiences working on troubled projects. According to Wenger, “in the chaos of a failing project lies the opportunity to excel.”

In addition to his work at Louis Berger, Wenger is a Project Management Institute (PMI) member. PM Network is a monthly PMI publication.

March 2016 | Louis Berger Brief
By Sofia Berger, Vice President and Managing Director for Latin American and the Caribbean, and Javier Gonzalez, Vice President for Global Aviation

Post-sanctions Cuba is a largely untapped market for U.S. businesses interested in establishing partnerships and making investments in the Caribbean’s second most populous country. Although Cuba has a solid tradition of engineering, the island nation faces significant infrastructure challenges. Areas of immediate need include power and energy, water and wastewater collection and treatment systems, and transportation. “Opportunities in Cuba” provides a snapshot of these infrastructure needs and the investments required to address them.

January 2016 | The Military Engineer
By Timothy Canan, M.SAME, Associate Vice President, Environmental Planning, and David Plakorus, M.SAME, Environmental Planner

Capitalizing on previous Army initia­tives and studies, Louis Berger completed an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) aimed at helping Fort Bliss evaluate its net zero energy, water and solid waste initiatives. Through completion of the EIS, asso­ciated consultations with state and federal agencies, and public meetings and comments, Fort Bliss has been able to gain perspective on the impact of its proposed net zero actions on the environment. This intelligence will inform the base's strategies for meeting its long-term sustainability goals and protect valued resources.

May 2015 | World Water: Stormwater Management
By Ginny Snead

Ginny Snead, department manager of hydraulics, hydrology, and drainage at Louis Berger, reports on ways that cross-boundary collaborations are helping to improve water quality in the Baltic Sea by addressing excess nutrients and algal blooms.  Despite differing national practices and policies, the Nordic, Central and Eastern European countries within the Baltic Sea watershed share responsibility for a water body with one of the largest dead zones in the world. Snead describes efforts to collectively reduce stormwater runoff and other vectors of nutrient pollution through a combination of public outreach, incentive policies, and increased regulation.

December 2014 | American Concrete Institute
By Committee 370 (including Bal Cherwoo, senior vice president at Ammann & Whitney)

Bal Cherwoo, senior vice president at Ammann & Whitney and member of the American Concrete Institute 370 Committee, contributed to the recently published “370R-14, Report for the Design of Concrete Structures for Blast Effects,” which presents a methodology for developing reinforced concrete structures to resist the effects of blast loads and to minimize the resulting structural damage and loss of life. Cherwoo has been involved in the development of this resource for many years, including the writing and editing of several sections of this manual.

The American Concrete Institute is a leading authority and resource worldwide for the development and distribution of consensus-based standards, technical resources, educational programs, and proven expertise for individuals and organizations involved in concrete design, construction, and materials.

July 2014 | National Cooperative Highway Research Program Report
By Deborah Matherly, principal planner

Deborah Matherly led the team that prepared the Transportation Research Board’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program Report 777: “A Guide to Regional Transportation Planning for Disasters, Emergencies, and Significant Events.” The guide provides resources for facilitating regional transportation planning, coordination and operations in the case of large-scale disasters or events. 

March 2014 | American Cemetery Magazine
By Susan Gryzbowski, assistant director, cultural resources, and Melody Carvajal

Louis Berger's Susan Grzybowski and co-author Melody Carvajal detail the involved process of relocating a cemetery, which requires forethought, preplanning, and a team of specialized and devoted members. 

February 2014 | HSME Magazine
By Toby Hayward, MENA director of health, safety and environment

Hayward, director of health, safety, environment and quality published an article in Health and Safety Middle East magazine about the risks associated with working at heights.

January 2014 | Structural Engineering International Journal
By Óscar Ramón Ramos, Marcos Pantaleón, Guillermo Ortega, Cristina Gaite, José Manuel Martínez and Rubén Magán

Óscar Ramón Ramos, Marcos J. Pantaleón, Guillermo Ortega, Cristina Gaite and José Manuel Martínez of Louis Berger's design center in Santander, Spain published a paper on their design of a viaduct over the Guadalhorce River and the A-92 Highway in Málaga, Spain in the Structural Engineering International (SEI Journal), the prestigious official publication of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering.

December 2012 | International Water Power and Dam Construction
By Peter Foote, senior environmental scientist
October 2012 | European Association of Evolutionary Political Economy
By Gregory Gajewski, senior economist
October 2012 | Journal of Structural Engineering
By Masoud Sanayei, Ningyu Zhou, Pradeep Maurya, James A. Moore, Jeffrey A. Zapfe and Eric M. Hines
September 2012 | Transportation Research Board of the National Cooperative Highway Research Program
By Patti Kuhn, Debra McClane, Sarah Groesbeck and Camilla Deiber

Project undertaken by Louis Berger and Mead & Hunt.

August 2011 | German Marshall Fund Connections Paper Series
By Gregory Gajewski
May 2011 | Global Infrastructure
By Gregory Gajewski

Global Infrastructure, published by Bingham McCutchen LLP, focuses on the issues and trends in infrastructure investment and development worldwide. Gregory Gajewski, PhD, vice president of economic development at Louis Berger contributed a report on the outlook for donor-funded transport infrastructure including a regional global survey.

February 2011 | Small Wars Journal
Reconceptualizing State Building in Africa
By Mark Massey
January 2011 | BSCES News
By Joe Pratt

The Narragansett Bay Commission implemented a program to alleviate combined sewer overflows, which forms the centerpiece of a clean-up to ensure the long term ecological health of Narragansett Bay, a major marine estuary and a primary driver of tourism.

November 2010 | Civil Engineering Magazine
By Julius Haas and John Tan

The $102-million upgrade of the Trenton–Morrisville Toll Bridge featured the innovative use of cantilevered pier caps to facilitate the widening of the aging structure. Through this design, the bridge was widened without having to carry out additional foundation work in the Delaware River.

October 2010 | Marine Corps Gazette
By Fred Wenger III

The focus on winning “the long war” hinges on the soft power of socioeconomic interventions, supported by military stabilization efforts. This article discusses one framework for interagency planning in support of the long war.

August 2010 | New York Construction Magazine
By Michael Kirk and Nikhil Bhandari

Public-Private Partnerships offer unprecedented advantages to government agencies willing to invest in them, and when the initial phases of the process are properly navigated, it can yield outstanding results.

July 2010 | International Water Power and Dam Construction Magazine
By Patricia Weslowski

Licensing a hydropower project can be a long and costly process that can be especially burdensome to small-scale developers. This article helps those developers navigate through the hydropower licensing process in the United States, which is increasingly important because of recent national policies that promote investment in renewable energy.

June 2010 | PRISM Journal
By William Stuebner and Richard Hirsch

Winning the war without fighting it—how community-based counterinsurgency efforts in the Philippines can be applied in other nations to reduce insurgent violence and reintegrate former combatants into peaceful coexistence.

May 2010 | U.S. Agency for International Development White Paper
By Alan Karnovitz, Sonia Moldovan and R.D. Menelaws
March 2010 | The Military Engineer
By Fred Wenger III

This article examines the benefits of using contract engineers in U.S. Marine Corps projects using the draw down in Iraq and the build-up in Afghanistan as examples of the types of engineering support contractors can lend to the Marines.