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8 December 2010 | The Los Angeles Times

General Motors and the Honolulu-based utility The Gas Company announced they are partnering with government agencies, universities and 10 additional companies including The Louis Berger Group to build a fueling infrastructure that will support thousands of hydrogen fuel cell cars expected to come on the market in 2015.

17 November 2010 | Washington Business Journal

A study conducted by Louis Berger for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority examined the employment, business and tax impacts of the programs managed by the Airports Authority for the region’s airports, the Dulles Toll Road and the construction of the Dulles Metrorail Project.

2 November 2010 | WNYW Fox 5 News | Good Day New York

Tom Lewis, LBG Group Vice President for U.S. Operations and post-disaster manager discusses critical steps in post Superstorm Sandy cleanup.

20 October 2010 |

An interview with Jack Halpern of The Louis Berger Group on gaining public support for utility projects. 

18 October 2010 | Archaeology

The Hudson River Bulkhead, first identified in 2007 by an archaeologist from The Louis Berger Group, is one of several 18th- and 19th-century artifacts that has been uncovered at the new World Trade Center site—these items play an important role in understanding the development of New York.

8 October 2010 | Raleigh Public Record

The city of Raleigh is reviewing possible solutions for traffic congestion around the Crabtree Valley Mall area;  The Louis Berger Group analyzed more than 20 different intersections and interchanges to determine weak points in traffic flow.

30 September 2010 | AAPA Seaports Magazine

The Port of Santos - the busiest container port in Latin America and one that is heavily embedded in an urban setting - required a master plan designed to expand the port complex in harmony with the city's requirements for better traffic flow while reducing environmental and social impacts.

9 September 2010 | Fairfax Connection

Workers on Guinea Road expansion uncover cemetery of African American slaves.

26 August 2010 | Sudan Tribune

The rehabilitation of a 20-km road section from Eastern Equatoria state’s capital, Torit to Katire has kicked off in a project funded by the United States Agency for International Development. The project is being implemented by The Louis Berger Group, with a local contractor.

17 August 2010 | The Salt Lake Tribune

The U.S. Army is investigating biodiesel-producing safflower plants in Salt Lake City. Keith Eastin, vice president for The Louis Berger Group and former assistant secretary for the U.S. Army, called the program an “innovative and unique” approach to biofuel production.

14 July 2010 | Microfinance Africa

Iraq’s microfinance industry was established with assistance from the U.S. Agency for International Development and The Louis Berger Group; The State of Iraq’s Microfinance Industry report highlights important MFI initiatives and describes future directions for the sector.

13 July 2010 | The New York Times

How often in the 21st century does one have the chance to see a 19th-century river wall embedded under a 20th-century highway? Rarely enough that amateur urban archaeologists might want to hasten to the observation gallery in the Winter Garden overlooking the World Trade Center site.

18 June 2010 | Sudan Tribune

Anthony Lino Makana, South Sudan Minister of Transport and Roads has praised USAID’s Sudan Infrastructure Services project for its concerted efforts over the past four years to boost road maintenance and capacity building in select state ministries in 10 states across South Sudan.

1 June 2010 | Washington Technology

Washington Technology magazine recently ranked The Louis Berger Group No.76 in its report on the 2010 Top 100 Government Contractors.

27 May 2010 |

In this corner of the Meadowlands, on a near convergence of four municipalities, Carlstadt, South Hackensack, Moonachie and Little Ferry, there’s an ecological renaissance taking place directly in the shadow of a massive commercial and industrial sector.

12 May 2010 | PRISM: A Journal of the Center for Complex Operations

Over the past several years, U.S. Government agencies have been revising their thinking on counterinsurgency and stability operations. Despite recent doctrine and guidance about better ways to end conflict and promote lasting peace, however, something has been missing from the dialogue: a successful model of reintegration and economic growth in an Islamic insurgency that has taken combatants off the battlefield permanently. One of the best places to look for such a case study of fighting and winning “smart” is in Mindanao in the southern Philippines.

4 May 2010 | Rutgers Today

Over the years, the Bloustein School and the Berger Group have developed a close relationship. And this year, that relationship has produced a graduate internship/fellowship program that offers unusual opportunities for first-year students to work on major planning and development projects, often in international settings.

28 April 2010 | Foster's Daily Democrat

The lack of a coastal evacuation plan in New Hampshire has Portsmouth emergency officials taking the lead role in a new regional project seeking to make sure visitors and residents have the means to escape in the event of a hurricane or other disaster whether it be natural or man-made. The Louis Berger Group has been hired to assist with the development of the plan.

23 April 2010 | Washington Post

Washington, DC and federal officials unveiled a new plan for cleaning up the Anacostia River, listing more than 3,000 projects that could combat the river's infamous pollution. The Louis Berger Group assisted the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to develop the watershed restoration plan for the Anacostia River Watershed.

11 March 2010 | Las Vegas Sun

The Regional Transportation Commission on Thursday approved contracts to move forward with building two more lines of the new ACE rapid bus service. A $2.4 million contract with the Louis Berger Group is for planning and developing the Sahara bus line.