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Operations & Maintenance

Our Work

Louis Berger provides operations and maintenance support and turnkey delivery across a variety of market sectors, from transportation to buildings and facilities and from water to power and energy. We understand that long after construction crews have completed their work, the sustainability and return on an infrastructure investment are dependent on appropriate and sufficient operations and maintenance.

For more than half a century, Louis Berger has provided maintenance service teams, field service representatives and operations, logistics, engineering and technical services managers to the U.S. government, state and local governments, utilities, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and private industry.  Leveraging Louis Berger design and construction expertise, we are able to offer complete facility management services.

For the transportation sector, Louis Berger pioneered outcomes-based highway asset preservation. We have provided comprehensive infrastructure maintenance management services for multiple state agencies.

In addition, we provide turnkey operations for power generation and distribution, bulk fuel storage, and water and wastewater utilities.

We have specialized expertise in operating large, mission-essential military facilities, including airfield services, base logistics, heavy vehicle maintenance and fueling services for the defense and security industry.  We excel in challenging conditions.

Specialized expertise:

  • air terminal operations
  • aircraft and airfield services
  • infrastructure asset management
  • base operations and facilities support services
  • building and facilities maintenance
  • cargo and baggage operations
  • electrical utilities and power generation and distribution
  • fuel facilities operations and services
  • fuel facilities and systems maintenance and repair
  • logistics and supply chain management
  • performance-based asset management
  • roads/highway maintenance
  • technical staffing
  • training and O&M manual development
  • vehicle operations and maintenance
  • water/wastewater plant operations
  • Jomo Kenyatta International Airport | Kenya

  • Provincial Road Management Facility | Philippines

  • New York Rising Program | US

  • Custom Power, 33 MW Plant | Afghanistan

  • Monte Redondo Wind Park | Chile

  • Efficient Power, 24 MW Plant | American Samoa

  • Sheikh Zayed Tunnel | UAE

  • 10 MW Power Plant | Liberia

  • Post-Sandy Emergency Power | US

  • FEMA Distribution Centers | US

  • Fast Power, 30 MW Plant | Afghanistan

  • Reliable Power, 105 MW Plant | Iraq

  • Water and Sanitation | South Sudan

  • Greens Creek Mine Tailings | US

  • Growth with Equity in Mindanao | Philippines

  • Infrastructure | South Sudan

  • Defense Fuel Supply Point | US

  • Charleston AFB Maintenance | US

  • Fort Campbell Fuel Ops | US

  • Fort Bragg Fuel Ops | US

  • Camp Lejeune Fuel Ops | US

  • BWI Airport | US

  • Aerial Delivery | US

  • Naval Station Rota | Spain

  • USPS Emergency Services | US

  • Maharashtra Energy Distribution | India

  • Autopista del Nordeste | DR

  • AIRP | Afghanistan

  • National Arena | Romania

  • Rehabilitation Program | Afghanistan

  • Guwahati Water Supply | India

  • Al Mubarak Air Base | Kuwait

  • Goa Water | India