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Bridge over the River Tercero in Villa María, Argentina

The Juan Domingo Perón Bridge over the River Tercero, designed by Louis Berger’s design center based in Santander, Spain, has been recognized by the Argentinian Highways Association as the only bridge of its kind in Latin America using Network Arch Bridge Technology.

The bridge links the cities of Villa Maria and Villa Nueva in the province of Cordoba, Argentina, and replaces a nearby, older steel structure. It was officially inaugurated at the end of 2013.

The structural concept of a network arch, with cables crossing each other at least twice, was chosen as the principal design. The cost-effective design allows the bridge to cross the Tercero riverbed with a single span of 120 meters while maintaining a remarkable slenderness of the deck and the arches.

The main structure consists of two steel circular arches and a rectangular box section. Each arch is inclined toward the center of the bridge and transversal vierendeel beams stabilize the arches. The deck, made of prestressed concrete, provides horizontal equilibrium for the forces arising in the arches so that only vertical forces are transferred into the substructure.

The Argentina Highways Association is a civil non-profit entity founded in 1952 to promote the rational use of the roads, raise national consciousness about the importance of roads, and to encourage the development of an efficient transportation system that links communities and the country.