On November 17, 2010 a seminar to close out the PMURR was held in Kinshasa, DRC. The project was initiated by the World Bank at the end of the troubled times through which DRC went in the 90’s and was aimed at rehabilitating a number of infrastructures critical to revitalizing the country’s economic activity. Given the assessment made by the World Bank on the operations of the country’s institutions, it was agreed to delegate Procurement and Project Control of Component A under the program to a private operator. Louis Berger was selected to ensure this function and operated under the name of the Central Office for Infrastructure Contracts (BCMI) from mid-2003 to mid-2010, i.e. seven (7) years. As the entity in charge of procurement and project control, Louis Berger conducted, on behalf of DRC, the rehabilitation of National Highways 1 and 7, the ports of Matadi, Boma, and Mbandaka, the preliminary rehabilitation of the Power Plant of Inga and six (plants) in the major inland towns, the rehabilitation of the waste water plant of Kinshasa and the expansion of its capacity to 320,000m3/day as well as a number of actions in the areas of urban development and transport.

More than 200 service, supply, and works contracts were awarded and were conducted up to final acceptance for a total amount of more than USD 500 million (Transport USD 256 million; Energy USD 89 million; Water supply USD 80 million; Urban infrastructures USD 24 million; miscellaneous USD 50 million +).

As part of the assignment, Louis Berger trained the counterpart staff assigned to BCMI as well as some executives from the traditional implementing agencies.