The Fortune Magazine website has published on 11th November 2011 an article entitled "Foreign aid, capitalist style", on the activities of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) in developing countries, including Benin (click here to read article). Louis Berger is currently involved in the MCC program in this country by conducting, on behalf of MCA Benin (or the Government affiliate), two missions that began in 2006:

  • a fiscal agent mission: Louis Berger is responsible for the execution of the financial management of the program in order to ensure its proper, efficient, effective and transparent capacity (financial management, budgeting, funds control, accounting, cash disbursements and cash reporting);
  • a procurement agent mission: Louis Berger manages the acquisition of a broad range of goods, works and services that are needed to implement the Program (overseeing, discharging and performing of all services necessary) in order to achieve the optimum value for the monies expended by MCA-Benin.