Non-governmental and educational institutions wishing to request funding from the Berger Charitable Foundation, must comply with all of the following.

  • Apply through the online application form
  • Have a non-profit tax exempt classification under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code, or equivalent international non-profit classification, or be a public elementary/secondary school, or be a qualifying U.S.-based institute of higher education
  • Align with one or more of the Berger Charitable Foundation’s strategic focus areas of education or community development
  • Agree to act in accordance with the Berger Charitable Foundation’s contribution acknowledgement requirements: organization/grantee will comply with all applicable requirements of the Patriot Act and the Voluntary Anti-Terrorist Guidelines and will not use any portion of the grant funds for the support, direct or indirect, of acts of violence or terrorism or for any organization engaged in or supporting such acts
  • Be located or operate in or near a community in which Louis Berger has employees or business interests

Applications are accepted year-round. Your request will be reviewed, and if it aligns with the focus areas and funding priorities, it will be evaluated further and requests for additional information may follow. Evaluations are typically performed quarterly. The Foundation receives many requests and applications, and unfortunately cannot commit to support all worthy causes.

Please keep in mind

  • The Foundation typically does not fund initiatives under $3,000
  • The Foundation normally only considers one request per year, per organization
  • The Foundation will not support the following types of requests
    • Organizations that do not align with Louis Berger’s values, including organizations that discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, or other criteria of protected classes, as defined by the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission
    • Private K-12 schools
    • Home-based child care/educational services
    • Individuals
    • Professional associations, labor organizations, fraternal organizations, or social clubs or social events sponsored by social clubs
    • Athletic groups, clubs and teams
    • Religious organizations for religious purposes
    • Advertising in souvenir booklets, yearbooks or journals unrelated to Louis Berger’s business interests