décembre 2016 | Resilience for our future: Speaker Series with Brig. Gen. Joe Schroedel

Louis Berger hosted a Speakers Series presentation on resiliency with Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) executive director Brig. Gen. Joseph ‘Joe’ Schroedel U.S. Army (Ret.) The presentation highlighted the importance and the unique challenges of resiliency in today’s world. Brig. Gen. Schroedel discussed the role of innovation and leadership in addressing economic, infrastructure and social needs for our future. Louis Berger Senior Vice President Bill Haight, PE, shares his takeaways from the event on LinkedIn Pulse. The event took place in Louis Berger's Washington, D.C. office on December 18. Previous Speaker Series events have included talks with Dr. Madeline Albright as well as a panel discussion on Women in Policy. 

décembre 2016 | Megacities for climate action: Takeaways from C40 Mayors Summit in Mexico City

Tom Lewis, president of Louis Berger's U.S. operating company, shares his takeaways from the sixth biennial C40 Mayors Summit in Mexico City on LinkedIn Pulse. During the three-day event that took place Nov. 30 to Dec. 2, mayors from megacities around the world as well as urban and sustainability leaders met to discuss innovative solutions to the effects of climate change. This year’s summit focused on the financial and social components of climate action, as well as the health and economic impacts of urbanization. Founded in 2005, C40, a global network of megacities, encourages urban action to address climate change. During the summit, C40 member cities and industry leaders renewed their commitment to sustainability and resiliency.  

décembre 2016 | A vision for safer roads in the Western Balkans

Tom Topolski, president of Louis Berger's international operating company, delivered a keynote speech as the International Road Federation (IRF) vice-chair at the 12th Annual South East Europe Transport Observatory (SEETO) Meeting of Ministers in Brussels. IRF partnered with SEETO to connect transport decision-makers with economic actors to promote an informed policy debate, encouraging reflection around new partnership models. This year’s meeting highlighted the role of public-private partnerships in tackling road planning and safety challenges.

octobre 2016 | Diversification and Education for a More Prosperous Kuwait

Technical Innovation and Youth Education in Kuwait: On LinkedIn Pulse, our CEO Jim Stamatis shares takeaways from the Foreign Affairs Gulf Economic Update at the Council of Foreign Relations in New York City.

octobre 2016 | Rescue Mission: How to bring order to a project in chaos

Fred Wenger III, associate vice president, program & construction management, published the article “Rescue Mission” in PM Network. Wenger explains how to overcome challenges in project management and shares his past experiences working on troubled projects. According to Wenger, “in the chaos of a failing project lies the opportunity to excel.” In addition to his work at Louis Berger, Wenger is a Project Management Institute (PMI) member. PM Network is a monthly PMI publication.

mars 2016 | Opportunities in Cuba

Sofia Berger, vice president and managing director for Latin America and the Caribbean, and Javier Gonzalez, vice president for global aviation, share their insights on post-sanctions Cuba in a Louis Berger Brief. Post-sanctions Cuba is a largely untapped market for U.S. businesses interested in establishing partnerships and making investments in the Caribbean’s second most populous country. Although Cuba has a solid tradition of engineering, the island nation faces significant infrastructure challenges. Areas of immediate need include power and energy, water and wastewater collection and treatment systems, and transportation. “Opportunities in Cuba” provides a snapshot of these infrastructure needs and the investments required to address them.

janvier 2016 | Enabling Net Zero at Fort Bliss

Timothy Canan, M.SAME, environmental planning associate vice president, and David Plakorus, M.SAME, environmental planner, published and article in "The Military Engineer." Capitalizing on previous Army initia­tives and studies, Louis Berger completed an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) aimed at helping Fort Bliss evaluate its net zero energy, water and solid waste initiatives. Through completion of the EIS, asso­ciated consultations with state and federal agencies, and public meetings and comments, Fort Bliss has been able to gain perspective on the impact of its proposed net zero actions on the environment. This intelligence will inform the base's strategies for meeting its long-term sustainability goals and protect valued resources.