Our multifaceted team of professionals conducts extensive research in several disciplines and participates in a wide array of events, including presentations, conferences, and forums.

décembre 2017 | Improving the Resilience of Transit Systems Threatened by Natural Disasters

Louis Berger participated in the Transportation Research Board-funded TCRP (Transit Cooperative Research Program) A-41: Improving the Resilience of Transit Systems project recently published in the organization’s weekly e-newsletter. Deborah Matherly, Louis Berger principal planner, and Jane Mobley, senior consultant, were part of the research team that conducted extensive literature reviews, case studies and a mid-development workshop to develop a stand-alone guide, online database and a final report. The guide provides step-by-step solutions and tools for implementing resilience strategies in transit agency policy, planning, asset management, capital investment, maintenance and operations to lessen the impact of natural disasters on transportation.

décembre 2017 | Changing the Landscape of Financial Sector Development in Africa

Baljit Vohra, Louis Berger senior vice president of Integrated Development Group, participated in the Financial Sector Development Network Conference, held November 14-15 in Zambia, Africa, where he shared his insights on the development of the financial sector around the world. His presentations were titled Using Third-Party Remittance Company Model to Usher in Mobile Financial Services in Nepal and Financial Inclusion Around the World: Insights from Asia.

octobre 2017 | Evacuation and Emergency Transportation: Techniques and Strategies for Systems Resilience

Deborah Matherly, Louis Berger principal planner, with Pamela Murray-Tuite, associate professor of civil engineering at Clemson University, and Brian Wolshon, professor of civil and environmental engineering at the Gulf Coast Research Center for Evacuation and Transportation Resiliency at Louisiana State University, authored the TR News article Evacuation and Emergency Transportation: Techniques and Strategies for Systems Resilience. The three resiliency experts establish the relationship among transportation, resilience and evacuation while laying out a road map to adapting resilience concepts to operational strategies. They explain that transportation management techniques that are applicable to evacuation and large-scale disasters can be adapted to more common, smaller-scale disruptions and vice versa.

TR News is copyright, National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; posted with permission of the Transportation Research Board.

octobre 2017 | Rebuilding Resilient: Marking Five Years since Hurricane Sandy

Niek Veraart, vice president, Tom Lewis, U.S. division president, Peg McBrien, ecological engineering director, and Heather Unger, corporate sustainability manager, took part in the Harvard University Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure Workshop and the subsequent American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI). During the ASCE ICSI and Zofnass Workshop, Louis Berger's presentations focused on how communities are rebuilding and adapting five years after Hurricane Sandy. Veraart highlights key take-aways from the projects showcased in the presentations.

octobre 2017 | Leadership in Today’s World: Finding Your Path

Sofia Berger, senior vice president for U.S. transportation, was a panelist at the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 2017 Convention, held October 8-11 in New Orleans. She shared key leadership insights during the session “Leadership in Today’s World: Finding Your Path.” The panel was a forum for current and future industry leaders to explore individual paths to leadership. It also highlighted ethical standards and ideas on mentoring.

octobre 2017 | Capital Programs - Major Projects

Connie Crawford, senior vice president and rail and transit global practice leader, moderated a panel on Capital Programs - Major Projects at the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) 2017 Annual Meeting held October 8–11. The panel covered projects from all over the world, from highly visible rapid-transit to less obvious system upgrades. Industry leaders on the panel discussed challenges and the creative solutions they implemented. In addition, Louis Berger shared a booth with Egis at the Expo, and Sofia Berger and Nick Ivanoff also participated in the meeting.

octobre 2017 | Merging Architecture and Urbanism in a Resiliency Case Study

Susana Arissó, AICP, principal urban designer, gave a presentation on the Breezy Point Home Elevation Study at DesignDC 2017: Rooted in Resilience, an AIA-hosted regional conference held October 3–5, 2017. In her LinkedIn article, she showcases the study, an award-winning and transferable methodology that sets an unprecedented standard by focusing on both architecture and urbanism. Arissó recounts how the DesignDC audience appreciated that the report can be applied to other coastal areas, particularly in the wake of back-to-back hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

octobre 2017 | High-Resolution Characterization in Fractured Rock

Ken Goldstein, senior vice president, water and environmental systems, moderated a session titled “High-Resolution Characterization in Fractured Rock” at the 2017 National Ground Water Association (NGWA) Conference on Fractured Rock and Groundwater held October 2-3 in Burlington, Vermont. In his presentation, Goldstein explained the importance of incorporating high-resolution sampling of the rock matrix and the fracture hydraulic flow network into site characterization and remediation performance plans.

août 2017 | Building sustainable public transportation for tomorrow

Louis Berger participated in the 2017 American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Sustainability & Multimodal Planning Workshop in Minneapolis, August 6-9. Deborah Matherly gave a presentation on the newly released transit guide, “Improving the Resiliency of Transit Systems Threatened by Natural Disasters.” Louis Berger’s Heather Unger also participated in the workshop.

juin 2017 | Launching U.S. transit into the 21st century

Nick Ivanoff, president, U.S. transportation, shares insights from the annual American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Rail Conference. Ivanoff focuses on collaboration that would bring world-class expertise to U.S. transit systems.