A little background – the New York State Department of Transportation has an abbreviated first step to its solicitation process.  The Expression of Interest rates a firm’s capability based on past relevant experience for the project at hand, but at the same time attempts to share the work in the industry by factoring in negative scores for a “recent win” as well as for workload or backlog with the NYSDOT.  Despite the handicapping, Ammann & Whitney was successful in winning three projects within just over 2 months!  

Project #1 – Long Span – On August 13, Ammann & Whitney was designated to Inspect Overhead Signs in New York State, as we have been doing since 1996 when we performed the first cycle/pilot program for this work.  For the last two years, our crews have been busy inspecting the Overhead Signs throughout the five boroughs of New York City, a significant challenge that was not only met, but received high marks from the NYSDOT.  This new $4+ million contract will keep our crews going in a region they know well – Long Island.  Congratulations to our entire team which has been led by Tom Li and Rehan Afridi. 

Project #2 – Rye Construction – On October 12, Ammann & Whitney was designated to provide Construction Inspection Services for Repairs to Six Bridges located in Orange and Ulster Counties. The work will involve the replacement and/or repair of structural bridge components, rivet replacement with high strength bolts, gusset and batten plate replacements, structural concrete replacement, abrasive blasting within Class A containment and structural steel painting.  The effort will be led by Project Manager, Nick Cavaluzzi; Quality Manager, Neal Weitman; and Resident Engineer, Jimmy Allen. Congratulations to all for this win which is due to prior outstanding efforts that contribute to our high rating. 

Project #3 – Rye Construction – On October 18, Ammann & Whitney was selected to provide Construction Inspection Services for the Gowanus Expressway Viaduct, Ramps and Deck Replacement in Brooklyn, NY.  This program involves work along I‐278, the Gowanus Expressway mainline, and on three ramps between the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and 65th Street  in Brooklyn. Along the mainline, an 800 foot long, 6 lane wide section in downtown Brooklyn will have the existing reinforced concrete deck and deteriorated stringers removed and replaced with 40,000 square feet of new 8‐inch reinforced deck along with new expansion joints, all while maintaining traffic on this highly congested and critical roadway.  Two elevated ramps comprised of 12 spans and 600 linear feet will undergo similar deck rehabilitation/replacement.  In addition, at the at‐grade access to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, the 3 lane eastbound, 1,500 foot roadway will be completely rehabilitated, while the 3 lane westbound ramp will undergo full depth repairs.  Here again our team is led by Nick Cavaluzzi and Neal Weitman.