Interstate 95 West River Bridge and Kimberly Avenue Interchange
Ammann & Whitney has been overseeing the construction of the largest projects ever let by the New York and Connecticut Departments of Transportation. In New York, this is the $405 million Alexander Hamilton Bridge in the Bronx. In Connecticut, it is the $370 million I‐95/I‐91/Route 34 Interchange in New Haven. The challenge with this type of success begins with staffing up and getting the job done. Once we have done that and, by all accounts, we have had outstanding performance on both of these projects, the next challenge is finding and landing the next mega opportunity as the current ones begin to wind down.

Our construction divisions are always mindful of this and have teams set up and proposals in the works for the next great opportunities. In Connecticut, this planning has borne fruit. We were recently awarded, in a partnership with STV, the construction management and inspection services for the $200 million reconstruction of the Interstate 95 West River Bridge and Kimberly Avenue Interchange in New Haven. This project is the last of the major construction contracts that comprise the more than $1 billion I‐95 New Haven Harbor Crossing Corridor Improvement Program, which includes our Interchange project.

The West River Bridge project begins 300 meters south of the West River Bridge and continues 1,500 meters to the north, where it meets our I‐95/I‐91/Route 34 Interchange project in New Haven. It will involve converting the existing modified cloverleaf interchange between I‐95 and Kimberly Avenue/Ella Grasso Boulevard (Route 10) into a simple diamond interchange, and widening I‐95 to match the other new, or planned, reconstruction and capacity upgrades. Ella Grasso Boulevard south of I‐95 will be extended to intersect with Kimberly Avenue; a new West River Bridge will be built; the existing I‐95 southbound ramp to Kimberly Avenue will be demolished. The project will take about 5½ years to complete; we expect to receive our notice to proceed this fall.

The ultimate selection of our team is a testament to the hard work and outstanding performance evaluations we have received on the I‐95/I‐91/Route 34 Interchange project and all of our Connecticut DOT assignments.