Ammann & Whitney has a rich history of work for MTA Bridges & Tunnels. Othmar Ammann was, at one time, the Chief Engineer of the Triborough Bridge Authority, an earlier name for the agency that has been a consistent client since our founding. Since the advent of the federal requirement to inspect bridges biennially, Ammann & Whitney has provided this service for each of the Authority’s seven major bridge facilities as well as the bridges that span the entrances to the two East River tunnels. However, aside from a subconsultant role in 2010 on the RFK Bridge, we have not been a prime consultant on an MTA B&T biennial inspection since 2004. Cost competitiveness and an industry push to share the work were contributing factors that led to this hiatus.  

Our inspection crews, however, remained  at the top of their game through inspections performed by many other clients including the PANYNJ, NYSDOT, NYSTA, MdTA, DRPA and MTA MNR, to name a few. 

We were recently awarded the inspection of the Henry Hudson Bridge, a steel arch structure that carries the Henry Hudson Parkway (Route 9A), on two levels, between the Bronx and Manhattan. Our long span bridge group has been involved in significant design efforts on this facility over the past several years, projects that are currently under construction, HH‐10 and HH‐85. These projects involve the replacement of a significant portion of the upper level deck, including the toll facility, and of the entire sidewalk and safety barriers. 

With seven major bridges in MTA B&T’s inventory, our hope and plan is to position ourselves for “the cycle” and remain solidly in the fold for years to come.