WASHINGTON, DC – The Louis Berger Group is pleased to announce that the National Park Service approved its final construction documents for the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool renovation and has awarded the construction contract. The rehabilitation—the NPS’s largest American Reconstruction and Recovery Act project—will address structural deficiencies in the Reflecting Pool and enhance the infrastructure, safety and pedestrian circulation systems in the surrounding area. Construction will begin in October and is expected to take up to two years.

"The rehabilitation of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool has presented the design team with a landmark opportunity that will provide public enjoyment for decades,” says James W. Stroup, LBG’s technical project manager. “We are especially pleased that the design provides a structural system beneath the pool, environmentally sustainable water intake from the Tidal Basin and a water treatment system to improve water quality."

Originally built in the early 1920s, the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool is one of the most popular destinations in the country and has served as the backdrop to some of our nation’s most historic events, including the 2009 inaugural celebration activities. The area is being used far beyond the capacity for which it was originally designed, however, and the physical condition of the infrastructure and circulation systems has deteriorated so much that if the Reflecting Pool were not refilled constantly with water the pool would completely empty within weeks. The final design includes a full replacement of the Reflecting Pool’s structural and water systems and comprehensive site upgrades to enhance the perimeter security, circulation, and accessibility in the surrounding area.

By designing a system that uses a renewable water source and the discharge from an adjacent water feature, LBG has helped the NPS to meet its goal of creating a sustainable solution for this historic site. LBG’s design incorporates the Tidal Basin as the Reflecting Pool’s new primary water source, which will minimize reliance on the potable city water supply and reduce municipal water consumption by about 17 million gallons a year. Additionally, water lost to evaporation in the Reflecting Pool will be replenished from the nearby World War II Memorial fountain’s discharge. All of the water in the 5-million-gallon, half-mile-long Reflecting Pool will be treated and filtered to improve its appearance and quality, making the pool’s water more reflective than it has been in years.

Around the Reflecting Pool, new walkways will replace dirt paths worn by the millions of annual visitors in the area. Along the historic elm walks to the north and south of the Reflecting Pool, the site furnishings will be refurbished and reconfigured, the walkways will be resurfaced with historic granite and new lighting will be installed to enhance public safety and the visitor experience. At the west end of the Reflecting Pool, new curvilinear paths with security walls will provide a handicap accessible path toward the Lincoln Memorial with and complete the perimeter security.

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