MORRISTOWN, N.J.—The Louis Berger Group, Inc. (Louis Berger) and SolaRover have partnered to donate a mobile hybrid solar generator to provide alternative energy to New York locations still without power in Superstorm Sandy’s aftermath. The unit was mobilized to support a Greenpeace gym, clinic and soup kitchen facility at 196 Rockaway Beach Blvd., Rockaway Park, NY.

“We are proud to support the City of New York City with this donation of a mobile solar generator,” said Gul Khan, a senior vice president at NJ-headquartered Louis Berger. “We often work in post-disaster environments, but when Hurricane Sandy battered the eastern seaboard, the need hit much closer to home. We have had people on the ground working with the city since this storm hit and will continue to do what we can to support the region through a long recovery.”

The hybrid solar generator can produce power at roughly half the cost of a fossil fuel generator and requires significantly less logistics support and manpower. Louis Berger transported the hybrid solar generator from SolaRover’s manufacturing facility, Winn Machine, in La Porte, Ind., to the Logistical Service Area at Citi Field where equipment is staged for Sandy response efforts. Louis Berger personnel are overseeing the infrastructure implementation and site management.

“This type of technology brings emergency response in this country into the 21st century and is ready for commercial application to better prepare for catastrophic events,” said John Spisak, president and CEO of SolaRover.

The hybrid mobile solar generator runs on solar power instead of fossil fuels. Once power is restored, the hybrid solar generators can stay connected to a facility and the power can be used to cut utility costs, while serving as a backup system in case of future grid outages. The hybrid mobile solar generator emits no fumes, operates silently and needs no ongoing maintenance while in service.

About SolaRover 
SolaRover was developed in 2008 for emergency response after witnessing the thousands of generators that lacked adequate fuel supply to function after Hurricane Katrina. SolaRover specializes in mobile solar power systems and clean electricity for emergency applications.

About The Louis Berger Group, Inc. 
The Louis Berger Group is an internationally recognized consulting firm that provides engineering, architecture, program and construction management, disaster response/recovery, environmental planning and science and economic development services. We are a trusted partner to federal, state and local government agencies; multilateral institutions and commercial industry. To this diverse client base, we bring strategic vision and an entrepreneurial spirit, developing innovative solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems. With a resource base of more than 6,000 professionals and affiliate employees in more than 50 countries, we are able to respond to local conditions while providing clients with the technical resources and rapid response capabilities of a leading global organization.