MORRISTOWN, N.J.—The Louis Berger Group, Inc. (LBG) was recently awarded two planning studies to support key development initiatives led by the Washington, D.C., Office of Planning. The work will draw on LBG’s expertise in planning, economic development and transportation.

“The District is in the midst of tremendous change and development. We are excited to be supporting the Office of Planning in developing strategies and plans that will serve as blueprints for the future,” said Larry Pesesky, senior vice president, regional and transportation planning for U.S. Operations.

LBG will work on the Congress Heights Anacostia Saint Elizabeth’s (CHASE) Planning and Economic Development Strategy to create a shared vision for the planned CHASE area development and transportation investment and for an associated economic development action plan. LBG’s work will focus primarily on the economic development, transportation and streetscape improvement components of the overall strategy.

In addition, LBG will analyze 37 miles of proposed streetcar corridors for the Streetcar Land Use, Economic Development and Financing Study. The analysis will focus on the economic benefits of implementing the streetcar system based on market changes and land use, development and zoning changes along the corridors. 

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