On May 8, 2013, Congo’s Minister of Trade and Supply, Ms. Claudine Munari, and the European Union Ambassador to Congo, Mr. Marcel Van Opstal, attended a meeting of the steering committee to appraise the progress status of the commercial and entrepreneurial capacity-building project (PRCCE). A consortium led by Louis Berger is in charge of assisting the Government of Congo in implementing the various components of this project (PS377) launched in May 2010 with the objective of improving Congo Brazzaville’s economy through the diversification of its enterprises and the strengthening of its private sector.

The Ambassador Marcel Van Opstal took the opportunity to thank and congratulate the Minister and the executives of her department involved in the Project. He pointed out that most of the activities planned have been completed and the main outcomes have been achieved but also that additional activities that were not initially were carried out as part of the project.

For more information, please read this article (in French) published on the website Congo-site.com on May 8, 2013.