Ammann & Whitney is the recipient of a 2011 Brick Award. Two associations collaborate in selecting the winners; The Brick Industry Association’s NY/NJ Brick Distributor Council and the Associated Brick Mason Contractors of Greater New York (ABMC). These groups represent distributors, manufacturers, suppliers and contractors of brick and masonry products.

Our extensive list of school projects for the New York City School Construction Authority includes a unique facility called Beach Channel High School, located on the Rockaway peninsula between Jamaica Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Originally designed in 1970 as a specialty High School for Marine Science, Beach Channel is a huge campus comprised of seven connected buildings located on the Bay, just 500 yards from the open ocean.

Amman & Whitney was initially contracted to modify the building envelope and HVAC system to reduce noise impacts from flights out of JFK International Airport. Due to the corrosive salt-sea air environment, the underlying steel reinforcing had rusted and caused the brick to fail. Our reconstruction design utilized stainless steel reinforcing to mitigate future rusting. Our design replaced the original red brick façade with a palette of seven colors, with a different shade on each wing of the massive 580,000 square foot facility. The following is from the award: “Multicolored brick murals along the windowless gymnasium and auditorium walls on Beach Channel Drive are a playful finishing touch.”