MORRISTOWN, New Jersey — The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) presented Jim Stamatis, Louis Berger’s chief executive officer, with its 2017 Distinguished Citizen Award during a special reception in Jersey City, New Jersey. Each year, the award, which was established to recognize the outstanding contributions of leaders across the U.S., is bestowed upon an individual who best exemplifies BSA values of leadership, personal responsibility and civic duty.

Jim Stamatis, Louis Berger chief executive officer, stands with five Boy Scouts, holding his 2017 BSA Distinguished Citizen Award
Jim Stamatis, Louis Berger chief executive officer, holds his 2017 Boy Scouts of America Distinguished Citizen Award. He is joined by five Boy Scouts.

“When I received the notice for this award, my initial response was: am I really worthy? Have I accomplished enough to be recognized for such an award? But, as I thought about it and who it benefits, I began to understand that this was bigger than me,” said Jim Stamatis. “This was an opportunity to support a terrific organization, the Boy Scouts, to inspire students in STEM programs and provide opportunities for underprivileged young men to participate in Boy Scouts programs. Both of these are near and dear to my heart.”

BSA’s commitment to ensuring that all young people have opportunity, regardless of their circumstances, neighborhood, or ethnic background echoes Louis Berger’s solutions for a better world promise. BSA’s innovative STEM programs aiming to captivate students as they discover science, technology, engineering and mathematics mirror programs Louis Berger supports such as the Science and Technology Enrichment Program (STEP) developed by New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). Louis Berger also has partnered with NJIT to provide scholarship and fellowship opportunities to students majoring in science and engineering.

The award reception was one of the largest so far with more than 140 guest and raised nearly $160,000 USD to support scouting in northern and central New Jersey. Jim Stamatis was honored during this fund-raising event on June 14 alongside WSP U.S. senior vice president and COO, Bernard P. McNeilly.

About Boy Scouts of America
Founded in 1910, BSA has continued to make a difference in the lives of boys and young adults worldwide. The organization provides enrichment through programs and activities that strive to build character, foster a sense of responsibility and develop personal fitness.

About Louis Berger
Louis Berger is a global professional services corporation that helps infrastructure and development clients solve their most complex challenges. We are a trusted partner to national, state and local government agencies; multilateral institutions; and commercial industry clients worldwide. By focusing on client needs to deliver quality, safe, financially-successful projects with integrity, we are committed to deliver on our promise to provide Solutions for a better world.

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