WASHINGTON, DC – The Louis Berger Group is pleased to welcome Dr. Munged Al-Naeb of the HAZMAT Research Center at Iraq’s Ministry of Science and Technology to the Morristown, NJ office for a three-month research fellowship beginning March 14, 2011. The competitive fellowship program is implemented by CRDF Global to provide the opportunity for the most highly qualified Iraqi engineers and scientists to work and learn alongside American hosts working in the same field of expertise.

During his fellowship at LBG, Al-Naeb aims to improve his understanding of the treatment and remediation of organic hazardous wastes and obsolete pesticides, along with other aspects of the hazardous waste management and remediation industry in the United States. Through interaction with U.S. contacts and industry leaders, he will study the processes, best practices and new technologies for the containment and treatment of environmental contaminants. He hopes to use this new knowledge to develop the hazardous waste management industry and infrastructure through his senior position within the Iraqi government.   

Tom Lewis, P.E., J.D., senior vice president of environmental engineering and contingency services, will oversee Al-Naeb’s research at LBG. “We hope this fellowship serves as an effective means of technology transfer, and ultimately provides Dr. Al-Naeb with the resources and best practices he seeks to promote better hazardous waste management and environmental protection in Iraq,” Lewis said. “The goal is that he will finish the program having received the necessary training to institute a more effective and sustainable hazardous waste management and remediation program for his country.”

Al-Naeb will shadow and learn from an appropriate group of LBG senior managers, subject matter experts and industry and research partners in the United States. He will also visit nearby waste treatment facilities and remediation sites.  Al Naeb will evaluate ongoing research and projects to take advantage of lessons learned and state-of-the-art approaches, which will ultimately help him to better address the significant hazardous waste-related challenges he faces at home.     

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