Pan-European Corridor X, which provides connections between Central Europe and the Near East, runs in a North-South direction along the length of Serbia. Currently, the road is constructed to motorway standard as far as Grabovnica, which lies to the south of Nis. The section between Grabovnica and the border with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is a single carriageway road, with difficult geometry in places.

In early autumn 2011, Louis Berger was selected to supervise the construction works of a 47.7 km section of the E75 Highway between Grabovnica and Levosoje (PT911). This section of road is to be upgraded to motorway standard and includes 17 bridges and 3 interchanges.

The project is financed by the Serbian Government, the World Bank, the European Investment Bank (EBRD), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EIB) and the Hellenic Plan for the Economic Reconstruction of the Balkans (HiPERB).