Workmen excavate trenches for water system in roadwayBUCHAREST, ROMANIA – Louis Berger has signed a €6.26 million ($8.1 million), 79-month technical assistance contract in Romania to extend and modernize the water supply and sewerage systems in Vrancea County. This contract is one of the first to be signed in Romania that is financed by funds from the next programming period.

Within the five municipalities located in the county, main water and wastewater systems connectivity will reach 100 percent. The water supply systems will be extended in 18 cities while 14 others will have new water supply networks, leading to 80 percent connectivity in the rural area. The sewerage will also be modernized and extended in nine towns, and new sewerage systems will be constructed in 26 other cities. Upon completion, up to 60 percent of rural households are expected to be connected to wastewater systems.

"As the only international consultant with continuous presence in Romania since 1991, we have an extensive depth of expertise in terms of years of project experience and number of available staff to support Romania’s important infrastructure improvement programs, especially in water and wastewater,” said Chris Germanacos, senior vice president, Europe and CIS.

Louis Berger previously implemented a four-year technical assistance and construction supervision contract in Vrancea County financed through the EU Sectorial Operational Program for Environment (2007-2013). Building on the results of the first project, which included 10 works contracts, Louis Berger’s team of experts will prepare the technical documentation necessary to continue the local development strategy in the water and wastewater sector.

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