Louis Berger France (LBF) has been selected to provide program management support to four new urban planning projects :

  • Program management for developing the Saint-Louis area in Dammarie-les-Lys (PN555) ; the mission consists in supporting the « Communauté d'Agglomération » of Melun Val Seine in its project  to redevelop  a brown field of approximately 130 ha (providing the project’s management, setting up conditions favorable to the resumption of urban planning and programming, and engineering designs that should lead to the project’s success);
  • Program management for the scheduling and coordination of the working processes as a whole, urban and railway studies related to the project of Ardoines à Vitry-sur-Seine (PN556) ; under the large-scale urban planning operation of Ardoines Grandes Halles (300 ha), which is part of the perimeter of the National Interest Operation of Orly rungis Seine Amont, LBF’s assignment consists in supporting EPA Orly-Rungis to optimize working processes and ensuring compatibility of the different studies allowing for maintaining railroad functionalities in relationship with the development of the future urban project;
  • Program management for supporting EPA Bordeaux-Euratlantique’s projects (PN562) ; the assignment consists in the planning and general coordination of the EPA Bordeaux-Euratlantique’s urban operations and projects ; the territory in question (738 ha located in the cities of Bordeaux, Bègles and Floirac) is subject of a National Interest Operation since 2009, placing it among the priority projects of the State;
  • Program Management for the urban planning project of the exhibition center in Toulouse (PN563) ; LBF is in charge of assisting SPLA Grand Toulouse to pilot and coordinate the urban planning project procedures for the future Toulouse exhibition center, which is a major project for the city, in urban and economic terms.