Louis Berger is leading the consortium which was selected for the technical assistance for the project to support trade and the private sector (PACSEP) in Mauritania (PM253).

The PACSEP aims to help improve the competitiveness of the Mauritanian economy and facilitate its insertion into the regional economy (West Africa and the Maghreb Union) and world economy. This project, which includes three components (capacity building of the structures involved in the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), trade facilitation and export promotion, support for the upgrading and diversification of high potential sectors), is intended to provide the essential tools to allow Mauritania to benefit as much as possible from the EPA between the European Union and West Africa. More specifically, the PASCEP’s expected results are the establishment of a commercial strategy regarding business environment, export diversification and the implementation of EPAs, and capacity building of strategic and operational management of the Minister of Trade, Handicrafts and Tourism.