LONDON — Louis Berger officially opened its new international headquarters in Richmond, London, on November 10. The move is part of Louis Berger’s three-year business strategy aimed at further expanding its international operations globally, as well as expanding its foothold in the U.K. and in Europe. The move also aligns with the company’s reorganization and modernization effort that has unfolded over the past five years.

Louis Berger executives and Mayor of Richmond upon Thames, Councilor David Linnette, cut the ribbon at opening of Louis Berger's new international headquarters in Richmond, London, UK
(Left to right) President of Louis Berger’s international operations Tom Topolski; Mayor of Richmond upon Thames, Councilor David Linnette; and Louis Berger President and CEO Jim Stamatis cut the ribbon at the official opening of Louis Berger's new international headquarters in Richmond, London, U.K. Sharing in the celebration are (rear, left to right) Louis Berger executives James Bach, chief operating officer; Greg Matthews, executive vice president and chief engineer; Jesper Damgaard, senior vice president and managing director for Europe; Meg Lassarat, chief financial officer; and Peter Skinner, chief operating officer for Louis Berger’s international operations.

“London is an international center for engineering and business. Relocating Louis Berger’s international headquarters to the U.K. is a strategic decision that supports both our growth in the U.K. market and our international growth as the U.K. is home to many of our international lending, contracting and EPC partners, as well as the home country for a large pool of Louis Berger talent who play business and project leadership roles around the globe,” said Thomas Topolski, Louis Berger’s international president.   

Louis Berger plans to initially focus on strengthening established relationships with private industry partners based in the United Kingdom. The company is also assessing broader opportunities to partner and bid specific to the rail, highway, power, and water markets, where Louis Berger is best able to leverage its global expertise as a strong local partner.

On November 4, James Rousell joined Louis Berger as the new vice president and managing director for the U.K. He is responsible for growing the business, as well as preparing, implementing, and delivering operating plans for the country. 

Most of Louis Berger’s international corporate management will be based in the U.K. The company also will be scaling up project staff and working to establish a U.K.-based operation that will offer the full suite of services provided by Louis Berger. Because Louis Berger operates in a project-based industry, most of the employees will remain positioned at project sites around the globe.

The ceremony took place at Louis Berger’s new offices at Avalon House, 72 Lower Mortlake Road in Richmond.

Louis Berger’s international operations headquarters formerly were in Paris. The company’s global headquarters will remain in Morristown, New Jersey, USA. 

About Louis Berger
Louis Berger is a $1 billion global professional services corporation that helps infrastructure and development clients solve their most complex challenges. We are a trusted partner to national, state and local government agencies; multilateral institutions; and commercial industry clients worldwide. By focusing on client needs to deliver quality, safe, financially-successful projects with integrity, we are committed to deliver on our promise to provide Solutions for a better world. 

Louis Berger operates on every habitable continent. We have a long-standing presence in more than 50 nations, represented by the multidisciplinary expertise of 6,000 engineers, economists, scientists, managers and planners.