MORRISTOWN, New Jersey — The Government of Serbia selected Louis Berger-led joint-ventures to implement two project preparation facility (PPF) contracts, namely PPF6 and PPF8, aiming to support Serbia’s central administration capability to plan, program and implement projects funded under the EU Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) program. Serbia has partnered with the EU to improve its infrastructure and provide better public services for its citizens while building a more competitive and inclusive economy. 

The E75 Highway in Serbia, for which Louis Berger has provided project management and supervision services since 2011
Louis Berger has provided project and construction management services for infrastructure development in Serbia for over 45 years. This includes project management and supervision services for modernization of the E75 highway, of paramount importance for regional development.

The Louis Berger-led partnerships will provide more than 12-million-euro ($13.5 million USD) in technical assistance and capacity building services to support the Serbian government with project selection, prioritization and financing of transport, environment, energy and social infrastructure.

“We will focus on strategic infrastructure projects, which have the highest impact on achieving Serbia’s EU accession and socio-economic development objectives,” said Slav Marjanovic, Louis Berger’s vice president and managing director for Eastern Europe. “Projects will be assessed and prioritized according to their strategic significance, their readiness for implementation and their potential to contribute to Serbia’s strategic social and economic objectives.” 

Louis Berger will provide training and knowledge transfer to line ministries and other beneficiaries focusing on specific aspects of the project documentation process. The intent is to build public authorities’ ownership and management capacity to enable their effective and efficient management of EU pre-accession funds to develop and prepare viable and ready-to-implement infrastructure projects.

Louis Berger has worked in Serbia since the 1970s on large infrastructure assignments providing project and construction management services on client programs with a total construction value of over 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion USD). Among those projects, Louis Berger provided project management and engineering services during the construction of Ada Bridge, one of Serbia’s landmarks. Between 2011 and 2014, Louis Berger also successfully implemented PPF4 and provided technical assistance, design and capacity building services for which it received commendations from the client and the EU Delegation.

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