MORRISTOWN, N.J. — Louis Berger has been awarded a contract to support Concord Blue, a waste solutions innovator that transforms nearly any form of waste into a variety of clean, renewable fuels and energy, in developing a new bioenergy plant in Herten, Germany. Under this contract, Louis Berger will assist in contract development and engineering design supervision, and will provide owner’s engineering support to Concord Blue during construction of the new plant.

This five-megawatt facility will provide a renewable energy source to address the needs of thousands of homes and businesses in Germany. Louis Berger will identify and provide solutions to manage the risks of new technology on the technical and contractual levels, support coordination between designers, vendors and contractors across different countries and develop new operational protocols and operations and maintenance practices for the facility.

“We are excited to work side by side with Concord Blue and Lockheed Martin to help evolve how the world tackles clean energy and solid waste reduction challenges,” said Tom Lewis, president of Louis Berger’s U.S.-based operating company. “This replicable model is already opening up new prospects for renewable energy development, and we are confident it will transform the bioenergy and waste-to-energy industries to ensure a more green and sustainable future for all.”

Lockheed Martin will provide overall engineering and design, procurement and construction of the new facility using Concord Blue’s Reformer® technology, which converts waste to energy through advanced gasification. The Herten power generation facility will use this technology to transform forestry waste to power.

Bioenergy, or energy derived from organic material, can help reduce carbon dioxide levels and also reduce our dependency on fossil fuels in a sustainable, cost-effective manner. Ultimately, fossil fuels will not last for eternity, but humans’ need for energy will.

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