The Newburgh‐Beacon Bridge connects Newburgh to Beacon, NY, along Interstate 84 over the Hudson River. The facility is comprised of two structures, the North and South spans, each just shy of 8,000 feet in length. These truss and girder bridges are located about 50 miles north of New York City. The first span (the North span) was planned as a four lane bridge to carry predicted daily traffic of 25,000 vehicles. Because of a reduction in anticipated federal funding (some things remain the same), then‐Governor Nelson Rockefeller chose to “downsize” and instead built a two‐lane bridge with local funds. Within a year of completion in 1963, daily traffic exceeded the 25,000 vehicle prediction, creating significant traffic congestion and the need for additional capacity. Following completion of the South span in 1980 to carry 3 lanes of traffic in the eastbound direction, the North span was strengthened and widened to carry 3 westbound lanes. 

The New York State Bridge Authority (NYSBA) is beginning an $80 million deck replacement for the South span and has awarded Ammann & Whitney a $1.3 million contract to design the new deck. Our contract will also include an additional $1 million for construction phase services. Our scope includes an evaluation of high performing products to insure a long term and durable solution. Expansion joints, deck relief joints and overlays will be rehabilitated and/or replaced. All three lanes of traffic must be available each and every day for peak hour traffic. Our challenge will be to eliminate any impacts to motorists by staging construction and providing effective MPT.

Ammann & Whitney’s selection was featured in the Poughkeepsie Journal and the Mid Hudson News, via their websites, with announcement of the contract award and project details.