MORRISTOWN, N.J. — Louis Berger teams have been in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands since before the first storms landed. We have delivered and installed more than 500 emergency generators with more than 400 people supporting USACE, FEMA, DLA and USPS emergency power missions to restore power to the island. The company also has been working with private sector partners and investors to supplement immediate power needs, while introducing renewables, such as solar generators and smart micro grids, to help Puerto Rico now while also establishing a more resilient future.

Photo montage of hurricane-related images: waves crashing over a seawall, trucks delivering emergency generators, relief workers lined up to board an aircraft
To learn more, see our press release, Relief Bound for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and view media coverage below.

Raising Puerto Rico from ruins: a status report six weeks after Maria

Tom Lewis (right), president of Louis Berger's U.S. division, is interviewed on The Weather ChannelIn live broadcast interviews with Weekend Recharge and AMHQ at The Weather Channel, Louis Berger’s Tom Lewis discusses the progress of power restoration in Puerto Rico as well as the role renewables and private capital can play in the island’s recovery.The Weather Channel

Five weeks after Maria most of Puerto Rico remains an island in the dark

Satellite view of Hurricane MariaMore than a month after Maria devastated Puerto Rico's power grid, a majority of the island's residents are still without power. Tom Lewis notes that new technology, such as solar and wind power generators and smart micro grids, can help Puerto Rico become more resilient.
USA Today

What Puerto Rico is doing to get power back after storm

Tom Lewis, president of Louis Berger's U.S. division, is interviewed by the Associated PressLouis Berger is supplying emergency generators and other relief to clients that include the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA. Tom Lewis shares his views with the Associated Press (AP) regarding the impact of deferred maintenance and the need for a more resilient power grid in Puerto Rico.
AP | Voice of America | Electrical Light & Power | | Seattle Times

Puerto Rico power grid rebuild challenges corps, crews

Technical crews repair power lines In Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane MariaAt least 3,000 workers, 62,000 poles, 338 towers and 6,500 miles of wire will be needed to rebuild Puerto Rico’s electric grid, which a month after Hurricane Maria is at only 20% capacity. In his interview, Tom Lewis calls the disaster that struck Puerto Rico a confluence of challenges and outlines a path forward.   Engineering News-Record (ENR)

New disaster response mission, USACE team keeps Puerto Rico's generators operational

Electricians repair locally owned and operated generators in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane MariaLouis Berger has been contracted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to support an unprecedented, nonfederal generator operations and maintenance mission in Puerto Rico.
U.S. Army | DvIDS | El Vocero | CB en Español | Metro

Forget the grid of the future, Puerto Ricans just want power back 

Relief workers line up to board flight to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane MariaWith more than half of Puerto Rico still waiting for power, the residents are ready to accept oil power temporarily if it turns the lights back on in the island. Louis Berger’s Tom Lewis shares his views on the immediate power needs in Puerto Rico and alternative financing options to bridge to a long-term, more resilient power solution.  Bloomberg | Washington Post

Maintaining a secure power infrastructure in the aftermath of Maria 

Tom Lewis, president of Louis Berger's U.S. divisionIn this podcast, Power Systems Design talks to Louis Berger’s Tom Lewis about Louis Berger's efforts in assisting in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. After the tropical storm hit Puerto Rico, Louis Berger shipped hundreds of commercial power generators to help with the island’s hurricane-devastated infrastructure.
Power Systems Design

Give Back Campaign in support of Hurricane Relief 

Infographic with storm surge in background superimposed by Red Cross/ Red Crescent logo calls for people to Donate Now to Disaster ReliefLouis Berger’s annual Give Back campaign is supporting hurricane relief efforts through the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies. Donations will be matched through the Berger Charitable Foundation dollar-for-dollar up to $30,000 in support of the urgent relief effort. Please donate today! Give Back Campaign

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