A thriving industry is a basic requirement of a developing economy. In addition to fertile soil and suitable growing conditions, a successful agriculture industry requires steady production, sustainable water management and post-harvest practices, knowledge of local and potential export markets, and reliable transportation infrastructure.

Louis Berger’s agriculture and food security portfolio strengthens value chains, boosts productivity, creates market linkages and fosters private sector participation to ensure long-term growth and security of agricultural systems. During the past decade, the firm has served as the prime contractor for signature USAID-funded agriculture development projects (ranging from $10 million to $360 million in value) in Iraq, Peru, Bangladesh, Russia, Guatemala and the Philippines.

Louis Berger provides sustainable solutions to improve livelihoods by helping to expand private economic opportunities in developing countries around the world.

Specialized expertise:

  • agribusiness entrepreneurship support
  • agriculture, general
  • agricultural infrastructure
  • agricultural finance
  • agro industry
  • cadastral surveying
  • food security
  • forestry
  • irrigation
  • policy
  • value chain and sector development