• aligning cargo rails
  • loading an IL-76 with pallets and containers
  • man bridging pallets on rails
  • Flightline and grid yard
  • Aircraft loads and offloads palletized and outsized cargo
  • military vehicles loaded on plane
  • man in forklift loading cargo
  • loading cargo on rails
  • men pushing pallets against rails
  • men pushing pallets
  • woman using forklift to handle cargo
Louis Berger manages Kuwaiti air base services

Set along the tip of the Persian Gulf, Kuwait is home to the Al-Mubarak Air Base, which is part of the Kuwait International Airport complex. The air base near Kuwait City is headquarters for the Kuwait Air Force and also serves U.S. government and affiliated aircraft.

The Air Mobility Command through the U.S. Transportation Command sought private contracting of air terminal and ground handling services for aircraft owned or operated by the U.S., sponsored foreign governments, coalition forces and commercial contractors.

Selected for the contract, Louis Berger provides an Air Mobility Control Center, transient alert aircraft services, passenger screening, documentation, baggage and lost baggage handling.  It is also responsible for maintenance and operation of ground support equipment, loads and offloads of cargo, and handling of special shipments, such as vehicles, hazardous materials and blood.

Louis Berger has successfully met several challenges in carrying out its contract, including working in a desert environment, recruiting people to desert region and accommodating periodic surges in workload during battle periods. Louis Berger hired outstanding managers and supervisors with career credentials that mirror their Air Force counterparts.