• Camp Lejeune COCO and GOCO
  • Camp Lejeune COCO and GOCO
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  • bio diesel tank
  • fuel lines connections
  • fuel tanks
  • fuel pumps
  • fuel tanks
Louis Berger manages fuel at Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base

Camp Lejeune, located in Jacksonville, N.C., is a U.S. Marine Corps base that has served as home to the Marines Expeditionary Forces since 1941. Its mission is to maintain combat-ready units for expeditionary deployment. The base has 14 miles of Atlantic Ocean beaches, making it a major training site for amphibious assaults.

Camp Lejeune has six fuel facilities that support the Marine base and its many vehicles on a daily basis. The facilities must be operated safely and efficiently.

The Defense Logistics Agency Energy hired Louis Berger to manage a full range of fueling functions for the Marines at Camp Lejeune.  Louis Berger designed, built and owns three of the fuel storage and issue facilities. The government owns the other three facilities, which Louis Berger operates.

Louis Berger is responsible for all ground fuel functions at the camp, which is spread out over 146 acres. The contract covers fuel storage, bulk issue of fuel, bulk receipt by truck, automated fueling for wheeled and tracked vehicles, quality control, fuel inventory management, fuel returns and fuels accounting.

Louis Berger manages five types of fuel at the base: JP8, MOGAS, E85, B20 and diesel.