• water treatment plant under construction
  • rural road in Congo
  • Congo Boma Port after rehabilitation
  • Congo Independence Bridge
  • offloading turbine
Program boosts infrastructure of Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo, once known as Zaire, is located in central Africa. With a population topping 75 million, it is among the most populated nations in the world. Starting in 1998, war wreaked havoc on the country, with millions dying from disease and unsanitary conditions.

Due to the war, the country’s infrastructure suffered from neglect. The International Development Association initiated a $1.2 billion World Bank program called the Emergency Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Project, which Louis Berger was selected to manage.

On behalf of the Ministry of Finance, Louis Berger oversaw a five-year program to improve the country’s transportation, sanitation, and power and water supplies. Duties included developing guidelines for procurement, disbursement and financial management procedures; assisting the road department, the power supply company and the water supply company to prepare procurement documentation; developing tendering processes; evaluating bids; negotiating contracts; and establishing and maintaining a database for all projects undertaken under the program. Overall, Louis Berger managed more than 250 individual contracts.

The project has successfully completed:

  • Construction of a new water supply unit in the country’s capital, Kinshasa, and an upgrade of the city’s water distribution system.
  • Rehabilitation of the 1,775-megawatt Inga Hydropower Plant and transmission and distribution lines.
  • Rehabilitation of more than 400 kilometers of roads.
  • Improvements at Boma, Matadi, Kinshasa and Mbandaka ports.