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Temporary power solutions help save lives in emergency situations

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) owns a 1,000 generator fleet based at four FEMA Distribution Centers in the United States. The fleet provides temporary power following the declaration of a federal disaster. These units have provided life-saving power to hospitals, water pumping stations, locks and dams, law enforcement and Special Needs Centers across the United States, dating back to Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

FEMA generators provided power to New Orleans for nearly a year in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and they have been deployed outside the U.S. as far away as Guam during typhoon season. The units have been in service for many years and are in constant need of servicing and repair to keep them fully mission capable.

FEMA called on Louis Berger to perform technical inspections of generator units and the firm responded within 24 hours. Louis Berger performed assessment, service, and repair on more than 600 gensets stored in FEMA warehouse facilities in Georgia, Texas and Maryland, completing the following services and repairs in 90 days:

  • Diagnostic troubleshooting.
  • Oil and filter changes.
  • Replacement of oil and coolant hoses, belts, thermostats, batteries, control panels, radiators, doors and locks, circuit breakers, fans, battery chargers, control modules, and fuel lines.
  • Fuel disconnect installation.
  • Load banking.
  • Skid construction and trailer modification.