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Aircraft at Fort Campbell base fueled by Louis Berger

Fort Campbell is a U.S. Army base in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, that straddles the Tennessee border. The Army’s only Air Assault Division—the 101st Airborne—is based at Fort Campbell and includes “The Screaming Eagles” parachute demonstration team. The base is also home to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.

Fort Campbell has a fleet of winged aircraft and helicopters that needs to be maintained and fueled. The fort also receives visiting aircraft of all kinds that need refueling.

In an expected 20-year agreement with the Defense Logistics Agency Energy, Louis Berger was chosen to operate and maintain all aviation fuel functions at Fort Campbell. The contract is a combination of government and contractor-owned facilities. As contractor, Louis Berger operates all facilities.

Under the agreement, Louis Berger:

  • Built and operates a 600,000-gallon JP8 fuel storage facility, a hydrant system that can refuel heavy aircraft, and a truck bulk loading facility.
  • Operates existing bulk JP8 fuel storage facilities and pipelines.
  • Assumes fueling responsibility at the Oasis fuel storage site and helipads (for hot helicopter fueling) and at the Sabre Army Heliport AHP and helipads.
  • Provides a fleet of refueling tankers for cold refueling services to Army and visiting aircraft, ranging from light helicopters to the heaviest fixed wing planes.