•  Freedom Ring at Expo Filipino
  • Freedom Ring complex
  • Aerial view of Freedom Ring
  • Freedom Ring splice
  • workers hanging from ramp
  • landscaped amphitheater and a translucent membrane roof
  • translucent membrane roof
  • outside view of Freedom Ring
The Philippines celebrates centennial with Freedom Ring

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Philippines’ independence from Spain, the National Centennial Commission of the Philippines proposed building a performing arts and exhibition center called Expo Filipino. It would need to be built – on time – at the site of the former Clark Field U.S. Air Base, 80 kilometers north of Manila.

Three separate components were planned at the center of the expo site: theater buildings, a landscaped amphitheater and a translucent membrane roof. They would be known as Freedom Ring. A space frame roof would cover a 35,000-square-meter exhibition area. A dramatic textile membrane roof shaped like an Anahaw Palm Leaf — the Philippine symbol of unity — would shield the amphitheater.

The team would need:

  • Sophisticated program management software.
  • A detailed task and sub-task budget.
  • A master schedule for the procurement of goods, materials and services.
  • An implementation monitoring program.
  • A system to deliver long lead-time materials on site at the required time.

Louis Berger, along with Ammann & Whitney, a Louis Berger company, worked with the Philippine construction firm AsiaKonstrukt to build the Freedom Ring complex. Services provided included design, construction scheduling, project controls and cost estimating. By working efficiently, the consortium finished Freedom Ring in 18 months, well in time for the 1998 centennial celebration.