• Guwahati main reservoir
  • water pipeline
  • Guwahati main reservoir - construction photo
  • view of Guwahati city in India
  • houses across river
  • people standing next to river
New waterworks a boost for Guwahati

Guwahati is an ancient city located in northeastern India, in the state of Assam. Known as “the city of temples,” Guwahati is currently Assam’s largest city, and its population is projected to triple within the next few decades.

Only 30 percent of Guwahati’s current population, mostly in the south-central region, was being served by water supply facilities and for only two or three hours a day. The rest of the city’s residents had to rely on groundwater, a non-potable source.

Louis Berger was selected by the Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority to manage the development of waterworks facilities. Duties involved providing continuous pressurized potable water to all citizens in the south-central and northern regions of the city. Louis Berger planned, designed and managed the construction of new waterworks facilities. Existing facilities, including intake sites, water treatment plants, raw water transmission mains and pumps, clear water transmission mains and pumps, reservoirs, water distribution networks, and water-testing laboratories, were also evaluated and updated.

The team also:

  • Conducted environmental monitoring.
  • Reviewed and finalized cost estimates.
  • Prepared contract documents.
  • Managed project finances.
  • Established procurement management and operation/maintenance systems.