view of closed Inco mine
Guiding mine closures and reclamations in Ontario

Mining is a vital component of the economy in Ontario, a province in eastern Canada. Ontario is one of the world’s top 10 producers of nickel and platinum group metals and is also a major producer of gold, copper, zinc, cobalt and silver. Ontario’s environmental standards are among the highest in the world.

Vale Canada Limited (formerly Inco Limited) owns and operates numerous mining properties in the Sudbury, Ontario region. Closure of depleted mines must follow Ontario’s 2000 Mining Act regulations on site drainage and cleanup and in returning the land to productive use.

Vale has over the years engaged Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB), a Louis Berger affiliate, to prepare mine closure plans, cost estimates and environmental compliance reviews at mining sites.

KCB services have included:

  • Management of surface water, groundwater and acid rock drainage.
  • Reclamation of waste rock dumps, slag dumps, landfills, open pits, mine openings and tailings impoundments into useful properties.
  • Review of closures and cost estimates for eight of the most complex Vale sites in the Ontario Division.

Since 2008, Vale has retained KCB annually to design and monitor construction of large work packages to revegetate slag dump slopes bordering the communities of Gatchell and Copper Cliff.  KCB is helping create green spaces by regrading the land, planting ground cover and supplying hydro-mulch so that Vale meets its ongoing commitment to improve the aesthetics of mine sites near major population centers.