• power plant with transmission towers in foreground
  • transmission lines
  • Maharashtra Energy substation
  • arial view of substation workplace
  • transformer
  • control room
Electricity distribution improved in India’s Maharashtra state

Maharashtra is India’s second-most populous state. Its capital, Mumbai, is India’s largest city.

Mahavitaran, also known as the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd. (MSEDCL), serves 14 million customers in the booming state of Maharashtra. To meet growing demand, MSEDCL needed to implement a new project to improve existing electric power distribution and develop new infrastructure in 11 zones within the state.

Louis Berger was commissioned to manage the comprehensive power distribution improvement program, overseeing planning and development in all 11 zones. The firm also managed the implementation of all related projects for two zones within the program area, Pune and Nagpur, which are booming urban centers. Duties included:

  • Soliciting bids and assisting in the finalization of bidding documents for sub-projects.
  • Supervising the construction and implementation of the projects.
  • Assisting MSEDCL to build capacity in project management by training personnel and developing a comprehensive management information system.
  • Developing quality assurance and quality control procedures.
  • Providing services at the zonal level, including coordination with stakeholders regarding project schedules.
  • Developing commissioning procedures and training personnel.

Louis Berger’s assignment resulted in the commissioning of 607 new substations, the upgrading of 483 substations and the installation of 368 new transformers, which increased the system’s power transformer capacity by 6,992 megavolt amperes. The program also laid more than 7,710 kilometers of 33-kilovolt sub-transmission line and 58,000 kilometers of 22/11-kilovolt distribution line.