• Mumbai Metro Line 1 viaduct
  • Mumbai Metro Line 1 on elevated track
  • Mumbai Metro Line 1 Depot
  • Mumbai Metro Line 1 Depot
  • Mumbi Metro Line 1
  • Mumbai Metro Line 1 under construction
  • Mumbai Rapid Transit system under construction
  • Mumbai Metro Line1 WEH station under construction
India’s Mumbai railway expanded to meet population growth

Mumbai, the capital of the state of Maharashtra with an estimated 13 million residents, is India’s most populous city. The city’s 360-kilometer-long railway network accommodates more than 6 million passengers daily.

To meet growing demand and decrease traffic congestion, the government of the state of Maharashtra, through the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA), launched an ambitious 146-kilometer-long Mumbai Mass Rapid Transit System to improve the network.

Louis Berger has assisted in the construction of this system since its inception in January 2005, serving as the owner's consultant and, since 2007, as independent engineer for Line 1 of the Mumbai Metro system, the city’s first east-west rail corridor. The 11.4-kilometer, fully elevated corridor links the growing suburb of Versova and the industrial hub of Ghatkopar by way of Andheri.

Travel time between Ghatkopar in the west and Versova in the east has been reduced to 21 minutes compared to 90 to 120 minutes by road. The line consists of 12 stations equipped with elevators and escalators, facilities to accommodate wheelchairs, automated fare collection systems, surveillance cameras, diners and other outlets to improve travel comfort for passengers.

The mass transit corridor was constructed under a Public-Private Partnership BOOT model (Build, Own, Operate and Transfer) and is operated under a 35-year concession (5 years construction, 30 years operation) held by Mumbai Metro One Pvt. Ltd., a joint venture company owned by MMRDA, Reliance Infrastructure and Veolia Transport.

Louis Berger reviewed and approved technical aspects of the project as well as the commercial and contractual issues of the concession agreement.

Line 1 of the Mumbai Metro successfully opened commercial operations on June 8, 2014.