• Sava River Bridge in Serbia
  • aerial view of Sava River Bridge in Serbia
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  • Serbia highway
  • Sava River Bridge in Serbia
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  • Serbia bridge under construction
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  • view of Serbia bridge from Sava River
Landmark bridge keeps traffic moving in Belgrade

Belgrade is the capital city of Serbia and one of the largest cities in southeastern Europe. Located at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers, Belgrade is a flourishing economic and cultural center with a population of nearly 2 million people.

The Sava River divides the old section of Belgrade from the rapidly developing New Belgrade to the north. The growth of Belgrade has created traffic congestion in the center of the city, with the approaches to the two existing Sava River crossings being particular pinch points. The lack of capacity on the road network hindered travel between the two sides of the city.

Belgrade committed to constructing an additional bridge and approaches to meet increasing traffic demands. The city selected Louis Berger to provide project management and engineering services for the construction of a new bridge spanning the Sava River over the tip of Ada Ciganlija island, along with interchanges and approach roads.

The 964-meter-long, cable-stayed bridge has a single 200-meter-high pylon, which is among the tallest of its type in the world. Using only one pylon to support the main span limits disruption of commercial boat traffic on the Sava River.

The steel main span is 376 meters long and is supported by 80 stay cables, balanced by a heavier 200-meter-long concrete back span. The bridge deck is 45 feet wide and accommodates six lanes of vehicle traffic, a double-track light rail line, and pathways on each side for cyclists and pedestrians.

The dramatic structure serves as a city landmark and vital link connecting old Belgrade with the city’s new commercial and residential zones north of the Sava River. By diverting traffic from the city center, the bridge helps reduce traffic congestion and travel times, generating substantial economic benefits.

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