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New 147-mile transmission line delivers power in two states

PPL Electric Utilities provides power to customers in 29 counties in northeastern Pennsylvania. In neighboring New Jersey, Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G) serves nearly three-quarters of the population of that state.

A new 147-mile-long, 500-kilovolt transmission line was needed from the Berwick area of Susquehanna County in Pennsylvania to Roseland, N.J., across the Delaware River. The project would include planning the route, consulting the public and stakeholders, and getting an assortment of required permits.

Louis Berger was hired by PPL in Pennsylvania and PSE&G in New Jersey to guide the complex transmission line project in the respective states. The route would cover 100 miles in Pennsylvania and 47 miles in New Jersey.

In selecting the route, Louis Berger evaluated the impact on land use and the surrounding environment. The study took consideration of wetlands, endangered species, vegetation, wildlife and aesthetics.

Louis Berger assisted clients in getting required licensing from the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. The process, which included nearly 30 public workshops and other meetings in two states, led to the selection of a preferred transmission line route for permit approval.