• aerial view of highway in Mexico
  • aerial view of highway in Mexico
  • dump trucks on highway construction
  • unpaved highway
  • aerial view of highway under construction

The Western Superhighway is an expressway concession in the Mexico City area. It has a total length of about 7 km, three of which are composed of tunnels and viaducts.  An elevated final section will join the South Urban Highway, with 100 percent automated tolls. The Western Superhighway will form the axis of the proposed western urban toll road linking more expeditiously to Toluca, Cuernavaca and Queretaro highways.

Real data on traffic flow on the superhighway is needed in order to fairly evaluate the cost of the infrastructure improvements and how to pay for them.

OHL Mexico hired Louis Berger to conduct a detailed traffic study, making actual counts of vehicles based on detail applied to the track.  The data from the study, and its analysis and modeling, will serve as a basis to negotiate appropriate tolls on the Western Superhighway. It will also make a realistic projection of future traffic loads.