Capacity building and technical assistance are central to strengthening the capabilities of people and communities in developing nations, leading to more effective policies and better economic outcomes.

For more than 40 years, Louis Berger has worked to foster sustainable livelihoods worldwide, specializing in the implementation of economic interventions as a means to promote political stability. Specifically, Louis Berger’s services focus on reestablishing essential economic governance, job creation and market-driven economic stabilization.

Louis Berger has been a trusted partner to governments, private sector companies and multilateral institutions worldwide. Moreover, Louis Berger has participated in numerous projects devoted to rural infrastructure, including hydro-agricultural development, dams and irrigated perimeters, and rural transportation systems.

To date, the firm has executed programs in developing nations such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Philippines and South Sudan.

Specialized expertise:

  • communications and outreach
  • ex-combatant reintegration
  • institutional strengthening
  • management and organization
  • policy and legal advice
  • risk mitigation
  • study tours, seminars and conferences
  • training and capacity building

Featured sectors:

  • civil-military operations
  • economic governance
  • infrastructure rehabilitation
  • human resources
  • information technology
  • vocational education