Natural and man-made disasters can have a crippling effect on infrastructure and the livelihoods of entire communities. Disaster preparedness is critical to national, state, and local efforts to ensure that they are positioned to mitigate the effects of such hazards.

Louis Berger understands that sustainable infrastructure requires an integrated, systems-based approach to managing natural resources, hard infrastructure and financial capital. While there is no silver bullet solution to infrastructure adaptation and resilience, there are cost-effective strategies to increase the reliability and functional life of infrastructure.

The firm leverages its worldwide capabilities in planning, engineering and environmental science to support disaster management needs. From pre-disaster planning to long-term economic redevelopment, Louis Berger offers services in all stages of emergency and disaster management.

Louis Berger’s proven rapid response capabilities enable us to support those in immediate need, including delivery of relief supplies and emergency power generation. The company’s portfolio of disaster recovery and resilience projects include key roles in Hurricane Katrina, World Trade Center, and Superstorm Sandy recovery efforts;  environmental cleanup following the Deepwater Horizon spill; and reconstruction assistance in Haiti, South Sudan, Afghanistan and American Samoa.

Specialized expertise:

  • clean-up
  • commodities
  • debris monitoring/removal/hauling
  • disaster relief
  • economic/risk analysis
  • emergency management and recovery planning
  • food aid management and/or distribution
  • inspections
  • logistics management
  • mitigation planning
  • natural resource damage assessments
  • recovery services
  • remediation management